S55 Engine Tune - M2C/M3/M4 (2014-2020)

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*As always all of our purchases include free remote live assistance. The program is simple to use, but many of us get nervous when working on our vehicles. If you wish to have us assist you in the flashing process from start to finish, or want us to do the entire process for you on your computer it is at no additional cost. You will need internet access at the vehicle on your laptop and we will remote in and help! Mac & Windows Compatibility/Support.

Customization Options (available on all stages.)
-Top Speed Removal/VMAX
-Red Line/RPM increase (not suggested)
-Cold Start Delete (intended for testing/off road uses only)
-Increase Horsepower/Torque Display in iDrive

Burble/Overrun is only active in Sport and Sport+ with Sport+ being more aggressive. For your daily driving in efficient mode the burbles will be disabled.

Factory safety parameters and diagnostics systems all intact with fuel sensing adaptions.
BMW F80/F82/F83/F87 M2C, M3 & M4 Engine Tune 2014-2020.

Stage .5 (CP like)
20 HP 10TQ
-Start up burble/roar
-Burble/Over run

Stage 1 (CS like)
50HP 40TQ increase
-Start up burble/roar
-Burble/Over run

Stage 2 (GTS like)
70HP 50TQ increase
-Start up burble/roar
-Burble/Over run

Stage 2+ (GTS+ like)
This is OEM like with added boost for more power suggested for vehicles with mods.
100HP 90TQ increase
-Start up burble/roar
-Burble/Over run