E Chassis Remote Coding

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Email: Alex@Alpinemss.com with any questions

*All flashes are done at your own risk, please make sure you follow instructions. There is no returns on coding/flashing once the purchase is made. M3 (2007-2013 M3 models) customers for DCT flash, please make sure you are using a newer computer with at least 4GB of ram, please disconnect any aftermarket audio/bluetooth/alarm prior to DCT flash. Cable must be returned within thirty days for deposit refund. Coding/Flashing services are non refundable. By purchasing this product/flash you agree to these terms. You have 30 days from the day you are coded to return equipment, if past 30 days deposit is forfieted. If you decide to keep the cable & USB a one time free recoding session can be done within the year. Once cable & USB drive is returned, you must repurchased entire coding package if you wish for recoding or extra coding in the future. Please advise of any aftermarket electronic parts on the vehicle prior to your coding session..